#Neklusē arī Tu! / #Don’tStaySilent!

Please share your experience of mobbing!

The statistics are biting – Among member states of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and European Union (ES) Latvia is the leader in regard to mutual abuse and violence among schoolchildren in a school environment. The indicators in the OECD PISA international study for 2018 do not present Latvia in a favorable light, because we have risen from second place to first.

Therefore to attract more public attention and to collaborate with schools, we will introduce you to several stories about mobbing – from the perspective of both victims and offenders. They are stories about abuse, derision, the way how the consequences of violence leave footprints even if the child victim has become an adult.

During your school days, were you a victim, offender or witness? 

  • What was your experience?
  • What helped you to overcome mobbing or why did you stop bullying others?
  • What do you recommend doing in a mobbing situation?

Share your experience on Facebook, Instagram and add #Neklusē, to encourage schoolchildren to seek help in a mobbing situation!

What should I do in a case of mobbing?

The campaign is being implemented together with Httpool, Grizzly, Fox Consulting, Cālis.lv and inbox.lv.