About Us

#Nekluse is a social project that aims to reduce bullying levels in Latvia. We will give students a possibility to speak up and report bullying and get help from a social pedagog, trust phone or police. We will educate students, parents and teachers by organising trainings at schools and an awareness campaign. We believe that together we can create a happier life for children in Latvia! #Neklusē – don’t be silent anymore and speak up in our project!  #Nekluse is a social project created within the framework of Global Shapers Riga Hub

Support and Donate

Your donation will give a possibility for more children to live in a bullying free school environment, as well as educate students, teachers and parents on what to do in case of bullying!








#Neklusē Survey on Bullying

Every third student is being bullied in Latvian schools. More than a third, 37%, students admit, that in past 6 months they have experienced bullying in the classroom and one fifth of them admit that bullying has occurred online. Students admit, that they experience bullying not only from classmates, but also teachers and even parents. Download the presentation, to get to know more! r


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